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Olives: Considered to contain most healthy properties

Early Harvest Cold Pressed Olive Oil, are rich in Vitamins and Polyphenols;


01- It produces the basis of nutrition of the world's oldest culture

02- It has been proven to be effective against cancer

03- Type-2 reduces the risk of diabetes

04- Helps to prevent heart attacks

05- Keeps young, and helps to reduce cholesterol

06- Protects the liver

07- It is an effective antioxidant

08- It is an important healing source for sensitive skins

09- It has many benefits for healthy hair. It is a unique healing source for dry hairs.

10- It helps to prevent bone diseases

11- Useful for the Digestive System and facilitates Weight Loss

12- Reduces the risk of breast cancer

13- It is many beneficial prosperities to prevent depression, it also protects mental health

14- It has been proven to help prevent skin cancer

15- Reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease


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